Volume 5: Arts and Crafts

Welcome to Evemail, Evewear’s guides to wellness during Covid-19. As a company we try and have intention and purpose with everything we do. While we locally make sustainable sleepwear, we also hope to build a community with like-minded people who are interested in the same ideals that we are :)
It is no surprise that on my birthday this year all the presents I got in the mail were different crafts. Anyone close to me knows that at all times I am working on a project. I mean… My favorite store in the world is Michael’s, there is no calmer state for me than walking through the isles finding new projects and activities.
I used to wonder why I’m like this and why people are always so amused by the sheer fact that I just bedazzled a butterfly onto a t-shirt or that I’m spending hours on end making mini flowers out of paper that will live in the mini greenhouse I am building. Is it because I’m super fidgety and always need to keep my hands occupied? Or am I just a 10 year old girl who never grew up? 
As far back as I can recall I’ve always been this way. Do you remember perler beads, origami with those perfect colorful squares of paper, color by number, latch hook rugs, sand art?! The list goes on! Want to know a secret? I don’t have to remember-- these are still the friends I hang out with on the regular.
And the strangest part of all is that once I’m finished with a project, it is of no use to me. For instance, once I finish a puzzle I look at it for a few seconds and then pack it back up in its box. I even end up giving most of my completed crafts away to friends and family. For me it is not the end result, but the process. I think this topic is perfect to follow our Meditation Evemail, as I believe Arts and Crafts are a form of meditation.
As we have plenty of time to develop our hobbies and work on projects right now and people are always expressing their desire to reconnect with arts and crafts, I figured I would find small businesses that are making these types of projects so we can support them during these uncertain times!


Finally finished mine this week!



Very Chic Puzzles started by a friend of mine!





A present I received from my Mom :)



It even uses sustainable yarn!




Wow I can’t believe all these amazing DIY and Craft companies I’ve discovered during this research process! You best believe I am trying all of these! Happy Creating!

We've included a coloring page from our first zine above!
Simply hold down and save the image to print out and color in your own!
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