About Us

Made for Every Version of YOU
Evewear was born with the understanding that we are expansive beings. It’s impossible to say that we are just one thing. With our ever-evolving minds, style, and mood, labels just don’t cut it. We believe the pieces we choose to wear are an extension of who we are and how we are feeling at that moment in time. The Dreamer for when you’re ready to take on the world, The Vixen for when it’s a night out with the besties, and The Free Spirit for the days you let the wind carry you away. Our mission is to create a world that is beyond trends, beyond demographics, because each style lives within every one of us.
Meet the Dreamer
Designer and founder Talia Eve wanted to create a clothing brand with which every person could identify. She dreamed of creating pieces that would allow everyone to confidently dress for themselves all while being intentional about the impact on the environment. With the belief that we can push forward for a cleaner future, all of Evewear’s pieces are made from low-impact, recycled materials. Pieces not only for a better you, but also a better planet.