Volume 3: Fitness

Welcome to Evemail, Evewear’s guides to wellness during Covid-19. As a company we try and have intention and purpose with everything we do. While we locally make sustainable sleepwear, we also hope to build a community with like-minded people who are interested in the same ideals that we are :)
Ah the love hate relationship of Fitness and Exercise! I played sports my whole life, therefore when I outgrew organized leagues I didn’t even know what to do to stay in shape or how to do it without having a structured setup. Gyms always intimidated me and being consistent with classes was hard for someone like me who never knows what tomorrow’s schedule is going to look like. 
While I can’t readily provide information about fitness the way that I can with other topics such as clean beauty and nutrition, I decided to crowdsource amongst my friends and see what FREE fitness they are doing during quarantine to feel fit and sane. 
I spent the last week trying all of their recommendations (I currently can no longer move) but I learned a lot and here are my favorites!
The aesthetics of this program are by far the best of all the programs, you feel like you are working out in the future with the instructors in white boxes that change colors throughout the workout as a full sensory experience, which feels very millennial. There are a ton of different options from dance cardio to yoga sculpt to stretch, it is very simple to find the perfect class for you.
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I’ve heard about the hype of Peloton for years (shoutout WhitBags) I was under the impression that you needed to bike in order to participate, however I was gladly mistaken. They have an app and website and I have to say it has the best user experience of all of the programs. They keep time on the top corner of the screen (which I love), you can see which other users are doing the exact workout as you in real time, and I’ve come to vibe with their instructors the best so far. While some of their classes require machines such as a bike and a treadmill, there are a lot of other options such as strength, yoga, cardio, and stretching.
(90 Day Free Trial)
This workout series is one of those programs where it’s all about appearance. Chloe promises to give you that apple bottom you’ve always wanted, abs in 2 weeks, slim thighs, lean arms, and even an hourglass shape. I’m usually skeptical about these types of clickbait-y ways of marketing but after skimming through her Youtube channel and watching her before-and-after results videos, I have to say the transformations these people have made look healthy, natural, and effective. After doing 3 days of ‘Abs and Booty Hourglass Challenge’ I feel that this type of workout is very doable; Chloe’s format is easy to navigate and accessible to anyone anywhere free of charge.
Whereas Chloe Ting is all about focusing on just the physical body, Melissa Wood Tepperberg (and her program which she calls the MWH method) is about connecting the body to the mind. She preaches the practice of using small precise movements and not pushing yourself too hard but listening to what your body needs. That being said, her workouts kicked my ass! While you don’t necessarily break a sweat you find yourself completely immersed in the class as Melissa’s perfect form and sculpted body show that the proof is in the pudding.
(7 day Free Trial)
My most intense friends (I love you!) also workout in the most intense way, case in point, why Barry’s Bootcamp is on this list. I was recommended to do the workouts on Keoni Hudoba’s IGTV and figured it might be a good intro to the cult following Barry’s Bootcamp. Keoni Hudoba is the chief instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp and also has an incredibly infectious energy to him, while I am not strong enough to do some of his poses, his workouts were not as tough as I thought they would be.
This youtube account is truly amazing! Popsugar Fitness has 1,000+ workout videos where you can find any type of workout for any length of time and it is completely FREE! I really love this resource because they have many well known instructors that come to do a class that have their own followings and programs. The instructors whose classes I really enjoyed I ended up going to their pages and trying out their other classes such as Yogi Adrienne, Reiki Master Kelsey Patel, Dancer Keaira Lashae, or celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue.
Evewear Ab Workout
We decided to put together a little ab workout routine led by one of our team members, Melissa!
1. Leg Lifts (x25)
2. Bicycles (x25)
3. Walking Planks
(15 counts then hold plank for 30 seconds)
4. Side Crunches (x25)

Take a 30 second break and repeat 2x!
(Melissa wears the Dreamer and the Babydoll Shorts)
Our Fitness Moodboard
That's All for Now!