Volume 1: Clean Beauty

I’ve been struggling to figure out how Evewear can bring value in this unique time. While the fashion industry is on hold given the nature of our business, I deeply believe feeling beautiful and confident at home is essential. It truly comes down to keeping a positive state of mind and that is where I feel Evewear can play a significant role.
My Birthday is today so in honor of the day, I wanted to do something that might help my community by using this platform to engage and provide insight. As I am currently in Day 13 of Self-Quarantine, I feel I have metabolized the experience and want to share some tips for staying positive and healthy. 
As a company we try and have intention and purpose with everything we do. While we locally make sustainable sleepwear, we also hope to build a community with like-minded people who are interested in the same ideals that we are :) Each day I will focus on a different topic and today’s topic is Beauty, specifically Clean Beauty!
Our skin is our biggest organ and it is also porous. What we put on our bodies goes straight through the skin into our bloodstream and then spreads throughout our entire bodies, that is why it is most important to pay attention to the products we use. The beauty industry is essentially unregulated, meaning companies are free to use whatever ingredients as well as packaging materials for their products without penalty. I use only clean beauty products and I avoid ingredients such as parabens, chemical sunscreens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and sulfates, to name a few. For week 1 of our 7 week series I decided that I wanted to share my favorite everyday clean beauty products with you.
Who doesn’t love beauty products? Personally, I am obsessed! I’ve watched every Vogue Beauty Secrets (shout out Halsey wearing our Tomboy Set!)
(A HUGE moment!!!)
And while I love combing through the videos and finding the best products, I love even more a girl who keeps her make up clean! 
Let’s start with Skincare- my favorite store ever is Credo Beauty, it has one of the largest collections of clean non-toxic beauty products with stores in all the major cities with an amazing website as well. I get a lot of my products from there in addition to the clean section in Sephora as well as Wholefoods.
Face Wash:
Puremay Wonder Stick Cleanser
- Green Tea & Graviola

All Purpose Beauty Balm:
Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Plant Based Retinoic Face Oil:
Tata Harper Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil
Body Moisturizer:
Weleda Skin Food
Next I’ll move onto Makeup, while I used to feel that natural alternatives for makeup weren’t on par with non-natural products, in recent years I have definitely found non-toxic options that are truly competitive.

Tinted Face Oil:
Ilia Multi Stick

As my Grandma Dorothy always says “Inch by inch life is a cinch, yard by yard life is hard,” switching over to a clean beauty routine takes time, money, and effort, however if I were to recommend just one product to switch to a clean alternative it would definitely be deodorant. Our armpits are the window to our many sweat glands and lymph nodes. Toxins and compounds such as aluminum from non-natural deodorants have been found in cancer tumors and have strong links to Alzheimer’s. Here’s the trick though! You have to detox your armpits before you use natural deodorant as they are currently clogged and won’t work unless you detox and start over. Here’s a little armpit detox you should try as natural deodorant users or not, let’s give those pits a break! Check out some of my other everyday essentials below.
Tampons - Subscription to Cora - 100% Organic Cotton Tampons that provide Period Care across the world to women  in need
Conditioner- Acure Conditioner - I’ve tried a bunch of different flavors! 
Leave-in Conditioner - Renpure Coconut + Vitamin E
Body Wash - Whatever looks good at Wholefoods!
Shaving Cream - Kiss My Face Moisture Shave
 ***Please note that some of these products are expensive, what I like to do is buy the mini sets that most of these brands offer first and try out the small sizes (which end up lasting me a long time) until I’m ready to invest in the products that work the best for me and that I feel are worth it! 
Our Clean Beauty Moodboard
Thanks for being here and following along, each week we are going to cover a different topic that can help promote wellness during this strange time. We want to be sensitive to our community in a time where life is not normal. While we are a small business and keep afloat through the support of our customers, we also want to bring value and connect in other ways as well. 
Always remember … YOU ARE MADE OF STARS!!!
Disclaimer: This is my research, but I would always recommend people to dive further into these subjects if you have any questions or are looking for other sources. In addition, none of the products are sponsored.